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Areas of practice

Banking and capital markets law

It is essential to everybody who takes part in business to have a bank account. Giro account, open account, capital investment loan and building credit – relationships between clients and the bank are of multifarious legal kinds.

Not only since the financial crisis is it clear that a lot of capital investments do not comply with what was promised to the investor. Media, film, real estate or ship funds – in the case of losses it is appropriate to analyze if these have been accept-ed without complaint. We show our clients economic solutions and aim to enforce their rights extrajudically.

The key areas of our activity in the field of banking and capital markets law are as follows:

  • Law of loans including liens (bonds, land charges, etc.)
  • Assistance with defaulted loans
  • Non-acceptance and prepayment penalty
  • Consultancy on liability of kickback payments
  • Liability of fund launchers and initiators
  • Liability concerning information contained in brochures

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