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The most important factor in any kind of legal advice is the personal contact with the client!

There is no doubt that when dealing with us you will always have at your disposal a direct contact partner, who knows both you and your company. For us the provision of sound advice does not mean simply representing you from time to time, but ensuring the continuing success of your company.

From our point of view service means putting all of our resources and our skills at your disposal. We want to be an active partner in building a successful future for your company and have the necessary infrastructure available in order to be able to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

In order to achieve this, we also draw upon our national and international cooperations – especially OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH Auditors and Tax Consultants, the CONSULEGIS EWIV International Network of Law Firms and ILFA e-iure International Law Firm Alliance.

Your benefit: we not only perform our task but also think laterally, draw your attention to opportunities and prospects and provide you with an overall result which is optimised from both a legal and a tax point of view - and not simply with solutions to isolated problems.