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In times of rapid commercial and legal globalisation, advice which can meet the very highest quality demands is only possible through the use of the right business partners. In view of this, we not only rely on the international experience of our lawyers but also on close cooperation with various domestic and international partners and our membership in a number of networks, so that we can continue to give our clients the same quality of advice across national boundaries. The following cooperations are particularly worthy of mention in this context:

  1. OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH
    Wirtschaftsprüfungsgsesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

    OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH, also located in the ROTONDA office building, to enable us to offer our clients the best solutions and structures in terms of tax law in each case, especially in questions of company restructuring, mergers and conversions. This cooperation, based on short distances and rapid communication, together with OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH’s know-how which complements our own advisory work, makes possible a range of services covering not only the legal but also the tax aspects. This close cooperation is also reflected in the fact that two of our lawyers are also consultants of OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH.
  2. ROTONDA Inkasso GmbH
    In order also to have a skilled partner available in those areas not covered by the legal aspects of receivables management, we cooperate closely and reliably with ROTONDA Inkasso GmbH. This company has its registered office close to our law firm in the ROTONDA office building. Here too, short distances and rapid communication ensure a good and successful working relationship.
    CONSULEGIS EWIV, of which we are a founder member, is an international network established in 1990 to which law firms in more than 40 countries throughout the world belong. Through Mrs. Irmtraud Wendland’s membership of the advisory board of CONSULEGIS EWIV we also enjoy special representation here. We are therefore able to extend our advisory activities to all important commercial centres of the world at any time by involving the relevant colleagues in the particular location.
  4. International Law Firm Alliance ILFA e-iure
    We also make regular use of the network offered by the International Law Firm Alliance ILFA e-iure. This organisation originally had its roots in Spain and Latin America but has since expanded to all important countries and commercial centres throughout the world. Going beyond the traditional approach of an international lawyers’ network, ILFA e-iure places its main priority on the new media and their use throughout the world. As a founding member, we have an exclusive partnership in Germany.