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Areas of practice

Traffic law

Your mobility is our concern. The increasing volume of traffic gives rise to accidents. The loss of a driving licence can have far reaching, sometimes existetial consequences threatening one’s whole existence. Even if “only” penalty points are involved, it can be very important to avoid entries in the central register of traffic infringements.

The extreme care with which we proceed and the use of the right tactics enable us to help you in the following areas:

  • Enforcement of your own compensation claims against the opposing third party liability insurer or your own fully-comprehensive insurer, both out-of-court and in court
  • Defence against unjustified claims for compensation
  • Advice and representation in infringements of traffic regulations and criminal proceedings (including cases of excess alcohol and speeding offences)
  • Traffic accidents in Germany and abroad
  • Third party liability motor insurance questions
  • Summary fine proceedings
  • Loss/recovery of the driving licence
  • Avoidance of driving bans
  • Criminal proceedings

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