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Areas of practice

Accounts receivable management

High outstanding receivables tie up capital and are a burden on liquidity. Bad debts even have a direct negative impact on a company’s profit. Professional accounts receivable management is required in order to counter these consequences.

Our activities do not only start when invoices remain unpaid or reminders are ignored, however. Properly framed reminder procedures or effective agreements on rights to secure receivables at the beginning of the process are frequently the only way to ensure the successful collection of a receivable.

Particularly in the field of receivables management, the interplay of legal advice, fast and resolute action both out of court and in court and – where necessary – the targeted use of execution proceedings are the basic conditions for your success.

Through close cooperation with a number of well-known debt collection agencies, such as, for example, ROTONDA Inkasso GmbH, the range of tools we use is complemented in particular through the use of a wide range of information and investigation services.

Profit from our many years of experience so that you can quickly turn your receivables into cash. We not only work cost effectively and quickly but professionally, politely and resolutely.

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